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The Williams LifeSkills System

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From the Listening module of the "Williams LifeSkills Learning System"
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A Structured Learning System for Building Superior Life Skills for Better Living

In today’s New Economy, additional tools and skills are needed to prosper and be successful. It’s all about “Empowerment.” You need to empower yourself to make changes in your life, to look at and react to situations differently than you have in the past.

The Williams LifeSkills Videotape System teaches the Emotional Intelligence - Mind/Body tools for empowerment in a structured environment with complete instructions covering each of the 11 modules.

The Video comes with a fully illustrated Workbook and is suitable for group or individual study. The Workbook is a valuable resource for learning the Mind/Body skills covered in the video presentation.

Learning these Emotional Intelligence techniques will empower you with the skills necessary to change your attitude, your relationships and most importantly, your life.

To Empower yourself, you need to:

Understand the basics of Mind/Body Health Techniques and the Scientific data showing the relationship between a healthy body and healthy mind. (Module # 1)

Know Yourself (Module #2)

  • Become aware of your thoughts and feelings
  • Understand that feelings just are; and they can be your best ally
  • Learn to separate thoughts from feelings and to track them through log-keeping

Know How to Make Decisions (Module #3)

  • Use the I-AM-WORTH-IT system to decide on the best possible course of action
  • Or, decide not to take action at all

Know What to Do If It’s NOT in Your Interest to Take Action (Module #4)

  • Believe it or not, stress can seriously affect your health (Supporting Evidence)
  • Strategies to help: Learning deflection strategies

Know What to Do If It IS in Your Best Interest to Take Action (Modules #5-8)

  • Strategies to help: Problem-solving
  • Saying no effectively
  • More strategies to help: Assertion techniques & training

Know How to Carry Through With Others at Work (Modules #9-11)

  • Speak up, communicate clearly
  • Try listening
  • Try empathy
  • Minimize the negatives, increase the positives

Know The Story of Your Life (Module #11)

  • Attend your own testimonial dinner
  • Write your Testimonial Speech – Your own words - What will you say?

Being able to Empower yourself is a great lesson once learned. The Williams LifeSkills System was developed to give you the skills, techniques and tools necessary to change your life for the better.

The material and techniques in the Video are based on over 30 years of Mind/Body research by Dr. Redford B. Williams, Director of Behavioral Medicine Research Center at Duke University, Professor of Psychiatry, Professor of Psychology, Professor of Medicine and Co-director of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine.