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Lunch & Learn Program

One hour programs designed for larger groups that have a particular need and want to offer a variety of topics to a diverse workgroup.

Due to the limited time there is very little group discussion or interaction. The sponsoring organization can pick and choose the topics to be delivered.

Special topics can be developed to meet the changing needs of the employees.

"Express" and Lunch & Learn Topics Include:

  • Measuring Stress in the Workplace
  • Controlling Anger on the Job and at Home
  • Dealing with your Anxiety
  • Self-Awareness - Understanding Yourself
  • Social Skills to Build Relationships
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflicts
  • Leadership Development-Getting to the Top
  • Motivating/Managing Yourself and Others
  • Interpersonal Skills Needed for Advancement
  • Controlling your Emotions
  • Listening Skills - Why it's so Important
  • Assertion Training - Making it Work for You
  • Coping with your Anxiety
  • Managing & Understanding Depression
  • Reducing Health "Risk" Factors
  • Team Building
  • Control Absenteeism to Improve Productivity
  • Developing Coping Skills to Reduce Stress
  • Communication Techniques that Work
  • Stress Management-Balancing Work & Family

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