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Group/Classroom Training


  • Student Textbooks Provides visual aids and explanations suitable for students of varying academic abilities
  • Student Workbooks Individual copies for in-class, written exercises
  • Laminated Teacher Manual The sixty-eight page manual includes the following materials for each lesson:
    • Teacher prep
      • Materials used
      • Any preparation needed
      • Video and slide setups, if used
    • Main points for students to remember
    • Handouts
    • Possible spoken brief teacher scripts, cued to slides, textbook pages, workbook pages, and roleplaying cards and skits
    • Activities
    • Optional additional slide shows, with scripts
    • Optional video
  • Laminated Roleplaying Exercises as Student Handouts Cards for (1)Logkeeping, (2)Think first, and (3) Assertion
  • Teacher Laminated Sheets of Roleplaying Exercises With sample possible answers for Logkeeping and Assertion
  • 3 Laminated Copies of 12 Skits for Saying "No" Short scenes involving 2 actors, one trying to persuade, the other effectively sticking to "No"
  • Instructional Video Part of the original Williams LifeSkills system
  • Slide Show Some slides reinforce instructional material, others address related topics that the teacher can use or not, depending on time available

Please contact Williams LifeSkills by phone at (919) 383-2115 or by email at skills@williamslifeskills.com if you have any further questions about or wish to purchase the Williams LifeSkills Course for Teens. You may also check our online store for more details.