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Participants can lead healthier, happier and more productive lives by learning to build strong relationships with colleagues, family and friends, communicate more clearly, and overcome anger and other negative emotions.

An Additional Resource for Counseling Professionals

Clients often need help with:

  • Anger;
  • Problems with work performance, such as absenteeism;
  • Getting along with others at work or home;
  • Communicating clearly with co-workers and family members;
  • Dealing with authority;
  • Work-related stress, including being "downsized".

The Individual

"I can't talk to my son. He's so distant these days."

"My wife and I have grown apart and I don't know what to do about it."

"My boss and I are always arguing. I don't want to fight - but how can we work together better?"

"I got so angry on the way to work the other day, I had to pull off the road and calm down. Why do I get so angry?"

Do any of these sound familiar?

I am worth it!™