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Short Programs

Customized programs are available for groups of various sizes and can vary in length from one hour to one day.

Testimonial: I learned practical thinking I can start doing today.

Stress Management Through Relaxation Training
Stress Management is explained based on data from the mind-body literature and participants learn a variety of techniques for managing stress.

Coping with Change
If there is anything constant about business today it is the inevitability of change. Participants will learn how to adapt to change by determining what they can control and what they cannot, and how to allocate personal resources most effectively.

Discovering Solutions to Your Problems
Let's face it-we all feel stymied by obstacles at times. This presentation introduces a problem-solving model to help individuals break through impasses and release their creative energies.

Standing Up for Yourself in the Workplace
Many times the way we interact with others actually prevents us from getting what we want. Participants learn how to become more assertive (not aggressive), and get what they want without tramping on the rights of others.

Mindreading 101
Understanding what makes others tick increases effectiveness in interpersonal situations at work or at home. Learn how to better read situations and people and use this knowledge to remove roadblocks to communication.

Conflict Resolution
Participants learn how to get past individual differences and reach important goals. This is done through training in effective speaking, describing differing points of views, identifying like goals, listing priorities, and choosing acceptable compromises without losing sight of the most important aspects of the situation.

Lighting the Motivational Fire!
Challenges can keep us fired up and motivated to do our best. yet the hectic pace of our modern workplaces can turn challenges into stressors. This presentation will help participants learn how to keep their creative juices flowing by understanding and using their most important characteristics.

Testimonial: I liked best using real world situations.

Team Building Series, Parts I-IV
This four-part series can be broken down into individual elements or delivered as a to one-day seminar. Participants learn how to express their ideas effectively in a group setting. Hands-on exercises will be used to improve the strengths of individual team members, demonstrating the value of differing points of view. They will learn to solve problems and resolve conflict in a group. In addition participants will learn how to increase the positives in team relationships.

Keeping the Lid On: Managing Your Anger and Anger Directed Toward You
This presentation focuses on the negative effects of anger, hostility, and cynicism. Participants will learn about their own levels of anger and how that affects their health and well-being. They will learn skills to decrease their own anger and how to deal with anger directed toward them.

Informational Presentations

The following topics are primarily informational presentations, best suited for 1-2 hour presentations:

Stress and Your Health
What is "stress" and how and why is it harmful? Participants will learn the science behind the mind-body connection of stress and its effect on our health. They will take a stress inventory to determine their own levels of harmful stress and learn how to decrease causes and consequences of stress.

Staying Connected in Turbulent Times
This presentation reviews data on the importance of social support for health and well-being, particularly when times are tough. Participants will learn basic skills for improving the quality of their relationships.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
A working definition of EI is explored and the skills required to improve basic emotional competencies are described. Participants learn how to use emotional competence to break destructive patterns at work and home.

Price: Costs of these training programs vary, depending on length of the program and how much customizing you may need. For more information, call (919-383-2115), fax your questions (919-286-3374), or send us e-mail.