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Comprehensive Workshops

Comprehensive 12-Hour Workshops for up to 10 Participants

Testimonial: Excellent workshop.  These lifeskills can be implemented in all aspects of my life, personal and professional.

The Williams LifeSkills Workshop is recognized by the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations as one of fifteen model programs. Our format provides opportunities for hands-on practice and features learning aids, including as text Lifeskills (Times Books, 1997). Our pre- and post-Workshop testing enables organizations to evaluate our success in making their workforce more effective. We'll customize a program that meets the needs of your corporation.

Individuals learn to:

  • Increase self-awareness by tuning in to thoughts and feelings;
  • Choose when and how to take action;
  • Reduce stress and negative emotions;
  • Listen to feedback, incorporate constructive criticism;
  • Understand and respect the opinions of others;
  • Make appropriate requests of others;
  • Set limits, saying "no" when necessary;
  • Solve problems creatively;
  • Decrease hostility and defensiveness;
  • Increase positive encounters with others.
Price: $5,000 per workshop, plus travel expenses.

This includes all preliminary information gathering so we can customize a program to fit your needs and pre-and post-workshop evaluations.